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The Affordable Funeral Company

The Affordable Funeral Company
Recent Website Creations

A Great First Year In a competitive market for The Affordable Funeral Company.

We have created quite a few websites in the Funeral niche and know from experience that this industry is driven by word-of-mouth sales and offline newspaper and magazine advertising.

Things will only stay this way for the near future as the generational shift is occurring, so we know that the children of aging relatives are now more web savvy than in the past. So building a strong online presence now is a good thing.

We did quite a bit of market research in this niche, and this proved that our time was better spent on creating a good working layout and not getting over-analytical of the local search engine market.

Again, as usual, we opted for WordPress as the management system and tried to focus on converting more enquiries into sales, unlike most typical Funeral Director Websites that are just dead boring..literally.

We advised and implemented an active campaign to help the client secure more reviews on the Google + Business Page as this plays a big part in the local search engine results. We managed to link the Google + button from the website to pop open the modal window on Google + to allow the user to get straight to the reviews option, rather than to mess around trying to get them to navigate to the right location.

The strategy worked as the Gooogle Reviews came in and the clients were happy to review the excellent service provided by our client.

As a Plan B – we also created the option within the website to leave reviews on the site itself, as not everybody has a Google + account. The reviews can be moderated in the website admin area, and again, the trust factor is building as the on-site reviews continue to grow.

Fast forward a year and the company have had a great year and totally blown through the target they set themselves for year 1.