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Newspaper and Magazine Websites

Display Ads Online • Broaden Your Social Audience • Increase Revenue

Chapel Media provides Newspapers & Magazines with several tools to manage their online presence. Some of these tools include a CRM, Classified Ads, online Display Ads, Event Calendars and advertiser profile pages.

These tools have been assembled in order to give you the tools you need to provide your advertisers with more value in your local market.

CRM: Full customer database, track jobs, hours worked, create invoices with automatic renewal and overdue notices. Provide your customers with an email ticket system, bulk email newsletters, income and expense tracking.

Classified Ads: Full search, limit text size, images, automatic expiration, notification system, blind emailing, paid or free ads, multiple fee scales, users can manage their own ads, allow for image and ad approval before going live.

Display Ads: Exposure of the advertiser’s ad is paramount and we take that very seriously. The ad system we use tracks clicks and impressions but also allows you to place all your ads on places such as Pinterest and Facebook.

Event Calendar: Displaying a list of local events not only keeps people coming back to your site, but it also provides you the opportunity to attract new visitors and promote your website. Full calendar is available with multiple categories. Update your Facebook page automatically with new events.

Advertiser Profile Pages: Create a directory of advertisers with name, address, phone, fax, maps, image gallery, video support, all fully searchable.

We provide a variety of useful tools to make life easier and more productive.

  • Full content editors, with style selection, spell check, assortment of fonts and Mac/PC style word editors.
  • Curation software that will allow you to find images, related articles, videos and more to enhance your own articles. Royalty free.
  • Full SEO control over titles, descriptions and keywords.
  • Scheduling options, create an article today and have it go live at some future date.
  • Customers retain full editorial control.

We also provide a variety of other useful tools all geared towards exposing you and your advertisers at various places…

Social Media: We can provide a way to have all your content syndicated to 3d party social media accounts. Once an article is created, you have the ability to post nicely formatted messages to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Google Plus), Blogger, LiveJournal, Delicious, Diigo, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Plurk, VKontakte(VK.com), Tumblr and other Social Media accounts.

Follow you Ads: Or “Re-targeting” as it is also known, enables your ads to show to users who have viewed the detail page for a particular business listing on your newspaper/magazine website. So once they view the particular page, when they browse around the web, they will be exposed to your ads. The number of views they will be exposed to can be a subtle reminder of your brand. Find out more here