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Cheshire Polo Club

Cheshire Polo Club
Recent Website Creations

The brief for Cheshire Polo Club was pretty straightforward.
They had been left in an awkward position in the past, with a website that was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain, that did not work well on smaller browsers and mobile devices and was looking a bit tired by today’s standards.

We plumped for WordPress as it fitted the bill perfectly here with a robust admin system and some nice little plugins that could add the extra functionality.

We came up with a couple of mock-up designs and went for a classic Red and Black look.

With a host of events and a busy fixture list, we had our work cut out to get everything working well with the menu system and opted to add the Uber Menu to visualise the events but keep the navigation working well.

We wanted to involve the club sponsors more than usual and added a revolution slider to showcase the sponsors. After a few meetings, we discovered that this was becoming a big plus point for the club as in the past they had no real way of showcasing sponsors.

We tweaked the layout many times to get the happy medium of download speed and functionality across all devices.

We went with a full-screen opt-in system to grow the new mailing list and tied this into our hosted autoresponder then routed the mail out via Amazon SES.

Hosted on our managed VPS web hosting in London, the club is really looking forward to scaling the social membership. We will manage the Facebook Ads campaigns and remarketing ads will be occurring via multiple channels to keep the past website visitors more brand aware when the season is in full swing.